Subs & Sandwiches

We manufacture a wide variety of subs, sandwiches, burgers, kaisers and wraps using the following packaging types. Please contact us for a current product list.

Long shelf life
Subs and sandwiches manufactured with this packaging option have an amazing shelf life of 15-30 days. H&C Sandwich Factory is the only manufacturer within BC to offer this type of packaging. It is one of the reasons our subs taste so fresh.

Shrink wrapped
Subs and sandwiches manufactured with this type of packaging have a shelf life of 7 days. Shrink wrapping offers the clearest presentation of our products.

Snack Foods

For our customers' convenience, we also carry a large variety of cookies, pastries, pepperoni, etc. Some brands we carry are Mrs. Freshley's pastries, Poptart, Nemo cakes and breads, Norma's Bakery, and Freybe meats. Please contact us for a full product list.

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